After some very hot summers and hardly any rain, the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 have given us some extremely torrential downpours.  Although this has meant that our plunge pool has filled up with rainwater – before we even managed to paint it and finish it – and several of our neighbours’ houses have fallen down, this  deluge has been good for our trees!

The forest is lush and dense and the grass is higher than our heads.  As a result, birds are difficult to see, although the monkeys are still very visible as they continue to rampage through our fruit trees, run into our outside kitchen and all over the roofs of our houses.

At the moment we are busy planting out the 5,000 chanfuta and umbaua trees we grew and they are taking very well in this wet weather.  It’s a lot of work, especially as we have to keep the ground clean around the trees to prevent them from being smothered by grass.

To end, I would like to thank Ross Norman of Sharps Pixley in London who gave us a most wonderful and unexpected donation to grow more trees.  Thank you so much, Ross.  Your 200 chanfuta and umbaua trees are amongst those we are planting out at the moment.
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Published by trees4moz

Trees4Moz is a registered non profit organisation (NGO) in Mozambique: Associação Amigos da Floresta de Moçambique. We focus on tree planting and reforestation.

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