Meet the Team

Valerie Pixley
Valerie Pixley was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and grew up in Namibia and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  She has lived in the Nhamacoa Forest in Mozambique for the last 20 years where she grows indigenous trees to reforest. She is also the author of ‘Monkeys in my Garden’, the story of the life she and her husband O’D have lived in the forest.  


O’D Pixley
O’D Pixley was born in Tilford, Surrey in the U.K.  He speaks fluent Portuguese and has had a varied career.  Before coming to live in the Nhamacoa, he spent some time working on his cousin, Strath Brown’s crocodile farm in Victoria Falls and then several years on an oil rig in Abu Dhabi.   After leaving Abu Dhabi, he restored traditional mud-brick houses in the Algarve, Portugal and owned his own small tourist business there.  He first came to Mozambique as Administration Manager of a tobacco farm owned by a multi-national company.

Joao de Conceicao
Joao de Conceicao is secretary of the Forest Conservation Association.  He is a chicken farmer, amongst many other things and extremely good at getting paperwork done!

Jinho Lichone
Jinho is the owner of a restaurant in Tete and a water company.  He also owns a farm in Zambezia province.

Dalrae Bailey
Dalrae has a Diploma in Horticulture from Massey University of Manawatu in New Zealand.  She has successfully run a wholesale nursery and then a protea nursery for flower producers.  She also grew vegetables on a large scale before leaving Zimbabwe to join her brother, Murray, in Mozambique.  At the moment, she has grown and is tending 200 small baobab plants for Trees4Moz.

Cerene Dufka

Cerene Dufka
Cerene  Dufka was born in Pretoria, South Africa and has lived in Mozambique since 2004. She loves plants and researching their medicinal properties.  She has a beekeeping group on Facebook and is very interested in protecting nature and wildlife.

Libor Dufka
Libor Dufka was born in Czech Republic and is a master cabinet maker.  He has a carpentry business and specialises in making bee hives.

Mr. Chebo
Mr. Chebo trained in Germany and owns an extremely busy engineering business in Chimoio.

Teofilo Mendonca
Teofilo is an Honorary Member of our Association and was directly responsible for the capture of the bandits who attacked us in 2010.

Bernadette Mendonca
Bernadette is a nurse and is married to Teofilo Mendonca who works at the Department of Labour.

Paulo Cachingamo 
Tree Nurseryman

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