The Start of Trees4Moz

It’s taken four long years for our Forest Conservation Association to come into being and I would like to start off this blog by thanking the people who have been such a help to us over these years.

First, a very big thank you to Joao de Conceicao, our friend and secretary of the Association. If it hadn’t been for Joao and the many tireless hours he spent tramping from department to department to sort out paperwork, nothing would ever have happened.

We would also like to thank Arend de Haas of African Conservation Foundation who gave us so much encouragement over these years and without whose computer skills Trees4Moz wouldn’t have been created.

And finally, to Dani Cook, my niece, thank you for giving up your time, Dani, to design a great logo and lovely artwork!

Published by trees4moz

Trees4Moz is a registered non profit organisation (NGO) in Mozambique: Associação Amigos da Floresta de Moçambique. We focus on tree planting and reforestation.

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