All of us at Trees4Moz would like to thank Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation in the UK for their kindness in giving us a special one-off grant to restore the damage caused by Cyclone Idai to the Nhamacoa Forest.

We would also like to thank Marie Levesque and Scott in Canada for their donation and Johann Weyers and Erin Miles in Cape Town for their contribution.

When Cyclone Idai devastated central Mozambique in March 2019, it not only caused a human catastrophe but also an environmental one.

In the Nhamacoa Forest, over 200 large trees were ripped out of the ground by the fierce wind, as well as many smaller trees. The shade netting of our indigenous tree nursery was torn to shreds and there was considerable damage to the eco-tourism houses; roofs torn off, windows shattered, rooms flooded and furniture soaked by rain and covered in green and black mould.

For two weeks after the cyclone hit, the Nhamacoa forest was eerily silent.  There was no bird song; no chattering from the Samango and Vervet monkeys; no little bush babies screeching and running across the roof of our houses at night.  Noisy insects were still and not a butterfly or bee were to be heard or seen.

Hopefully, with the help you have given us, the beautiful Nhamacoa forest will get back to normal and continue to provide a safe home for the wildlife that lives in it.

We are truly grateful to you all.  Thank you!

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