A glorious burst of pinkblossom at Nhamacoa

We are lucky to have one of these lovely Pink Jacaranda (Stereospermum kunthianum) trees not far from our house and at the moment it’s in glorious pink blossom. It grows to the height of about 13 metres and likes rocky outcrops and hillsides. It’s also often found on the fringes of evergreen forests.

The flowers appear from August to October and as you can see from the photograph, they are a showy delicate pink, streaked with red on the lower corolla lobes.

Apparently, the pods of this tree also had a medicinal use. They were used as a cough remedy by adding salt to the pods when chewed.

This is a beautiful tree to grow in a garden.

Published by trees4moz

Trees4Moz is a registered non profit organisation (NGO) in Mozambique: Associação Amigos da Floresta de Moçambique. We focus on tree planting and reforestation.

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