They may be small – but they are powerful! A sting from one of our scorpions in the Nhamacoa is a rather agonizing event. Fortunately, they aren’t too poisonous but the fiery dart of pain in whatever part of your body they sting makes you shout and isn’t something you get over quickly. I knowContinue reading “STUNG BY A NHAMACOA SCORPION!”

A glorious burst of pinkblossom at Nhamacoa

We are lucky to have one of these lovely Pink Jacaranda (Stereospermum kunthianum) trees not far from our house and at the moment it’s in glorious pink blossom. It grows to the height of about 13 metres and likes rocky outcrops and hillsides. It’s also often found on the fringes of evergreen forests. The flowersContinue reading “A glorious burst of pinkblossom at Nhamacoa”